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Meet Our CEO + Team

Our CEO GiGi

Garley 'GiGi Tonye' Briggs is the Founder and CEO of Tonye' Co. | GiGi Tonye' Arts & Fitness. She is a Nigerian-American Chicago Native, a lover of God and a mother to her wonderful 10 year old daughter, Shalom. 


GiGi has a Masters in Health Administration and over 10 years of healthcare experience. She is also a professional dancer, choreographer, teaching artist, Zumba + fitness instructor, certified heath + wellness coach, and personal trainer. She is driven by her calling to uplift and inspire people through the performing arts and fitness. GiGi is  passionate about her and her team's mission to make wellness easily accessible for all people, anywhere! 

Our Team

Our team is built of a number of talented Dance + Wellness™ Specialists and Fitness + Wellness Specialists - alongside our amazing administrative teams that support the business behind the scenes outside of class. 

What are Dance + Wellness™ Specialists and Fitness + Wellness Specialists?

Our specialists are movement based instructors that have gone through rigorous training under GiGi Tonye's curated cross training program in GTAF. This training specializes in the company's unique dance + wellness™ practices.


These instructors are both experienced and credentialed in areas such as mindfulness, breath and stretch techniques, various dance forms, and/or fitness formats through a community healing lens. This lens focuses on our methodology of achieving wellness through dance and fitness.


Through this bringing our three elements of creative wellness to life: improved mental and physical health, community safety and unity, and liberation in artistic expression for all.

The Admin Team

Marketing Coordinator

+ Business

Development Associate

Anna Rice

CEO + Founder

GiGi Tonye' 

Dance Team Lead 

Nautica Turner

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