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Prospective Partners

Learn more about our creative wellness, fitness and dance services for people at all ages and stages of live. 

We aim to make dance and wellness more accessible through bringing our services to you - to ensure an added level of convenience and comfortability for our partners.

We craft dance + wellness programs to fit the needs of students ages 3-21. From beginner dance classes to intro to yoga to zumba for kids, we offer a wide range of programming to help share the love + key benefits of movement and the arts with students.


We offer all lengths of programming options, a couple of our specialized programs include:

Student Dance + Wellness Enrichment


Dance4OurLives is a youth dance program focused on teaching students key life lessons through dance + wellness training. The program provides a safe space to explore self-expression and mental healing in their mind, body and soul through finding their inner artist.



Fit2Move is a dance and fitness program that is designed for students with different needs - physical, learning, or mental. The program serves to bring the benefits of dance and engage these students in dance.

Employee Wellness Programs

GiGi Tonye' Art & Fitness is here to help a healthy lifestyle feel achievable and make work-life balance easy through our adaptable Employee Wellness + Fitness Programs. 


Class Offerings


Hip-Hop Cardio





Strength Training

AfroFusion Latin Dance

+ Much More

Class Formats

Group Fitness Classes + 

1-on-1 Session


All Classes Offered

In-person, Hybrid, or Virtual (Livestream

+ On-Demand Videos)

Whether it is a one-time pop-up workshop or an on-going program we would love to partner with your organization to bring the joy of movement to your students and employees.

Want to learn more?

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